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Scrumptious Snacking Tip #1

Yummy apple slices with peanut butter! It’s a great snack (and healthy too!) for adults and children alike.  It’s definitely a good pregnancy snack (especially if you have gestational diabetes – this satisfies your carb/protein ratio!) As much as I love these two together, sometimes it can be hard to dip slices


No Fairs :(

It’s no fair that I’m not going to the fair. See, this weekend is our County Fair, which we usually go to each year.  Admission is free, so we can wander around and grab carny food.  Usually we go to the Demolition Derby, which is lots of fun… especially when the school


Coping With Gestational Diabetes: The Beginning

I have got to stop procrastinating and write about this already.  Heck, dealing with gestational diabetes (aka GD) is one of the reasons I wanted to blog about my pregnancy.  It seems like there is a lot of misinformation and even NON-information out there, either that or a lot of pregnant women


Baby’s First Wardrobe, Part 2

Back to see the dresses, huh?  I’m finding it waaaay too much fun to shop for a little girl.  Brian is also starting to find shopping for her to be quite fun.  It is for now though… I doubt it’ll be as fun as she reaches her teenage years. This was the


Baby’s First Wardrobe, Part 1

So, we (well, mostly I) started to buy a few outfits here and there before we knew we were having a girl.  Now that we know we’re having a girl, we’ve purchased fewer gender neutral items and more girly stuff.  There’s still plenty of gender neutral baby apparel and gear out there


The Amazing Bouncing Belly

This morning I was able to experience something amazing.  For several minutes I could actually see my belly bounce and move as babygirl kicked and punched. I’ve thought I’ve seen my belly jump a few times when I’d feel quite a powerful karate chop, but I hadn’t known for sure.  Usually I’d


Things I’m Fearful Of As A First Time Mom

It’s normal to have worries and fears throughout pregnancy.  Especially as a first time mom, there’s a lot of unknowns out there.  I do know that some of the things I’m fearful of or worry about are out of my control, some are in my control, and most things will work out


You Know You’re A First Time Mom When…

… at your OB appointment the doctor asks if you’ve started having contractions yet and your response is “I don’t think so…” … I was asked that this morning.  And … yes, that was my answer. Well, I don’t know! I mean, honestly, I’ve never had a contraction before.  I imagine I’ll


To All The Pregnant Ladies (Video)

I saw this mentioned over at yesterday and got a kick out of it.  I’m impressed with her moves… she’s 38 weeks pregnant in this video.  I was like, damn, I could barely walk in heels pre-pregnancy, let alone dance like this!


More Nursery Decorating!

This morning I decided to tackle a little more decorating.  Last weekend, Brian hung the wooden letters for babygirl’s initials.  Yesterday we went to Babies R Us to update some registry items (the stroller I originally selected was discontinued and we’re not ready to buy one).  I picked up a photo frame


Anatomy Ultrasound, Round 2

This morning we went in to finish the anatomy ultrasound.  I asked babygirl nicely to cooperate with positioning while we were driving to the appointment.  Thankfully, she listened. This time she was head down (I thought I felt an increase in pressure in my lower abdomen!) and not quite as scrunched up. 


Nursery Progress!

The holiday weekend was quite productive.  We did some good housecleaning (not just surface-get-rid-of-clutter-cleaning).  With the help of some friends, the nursery is now painted!  Brian also put together my glider, so it’s starting to look like a nursery, which I find very exciting. Be warned, this post will be a bit