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Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

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Pregnancy Survey

I saw this in my November 2010 birth club group on BabyCenter, posted my answers in that thread and figured I would post it up here too!


NAME Darcy

AGE 29




NAME Brian

AGE 30


STILL TOGETHER? Yep, married for 4 years



WHEN’D YOU FIND OUT? March 6th – pretty early

PLANNED? Yes & No. We’d been trying for about 3 yrs, I was thinking less on trying while looking to switch doctors and try to figure out why I wasn’t getting pregnant…. then… bam! :D

FIRST REACTION Super happy, cried tears of joy (first positive result in 3 fricken years!)

WHO WAS WITH YOU? I was by myself in the bathroom, but my hubby was down the hall.  He knew I was taking the test.

FIRST PERSON YOU TOLD My husband – I ran down the hall waving the test stick

PARENTS’ REACTION Our parents were happy about the news!

HOW FAR ALONG ARE YOU? 18 weeks tomorrow

FIRST SYMPTOM Very sick feeling, vomiting, all day nausea, extremely tired, and sore boobs put my feeling of “coming down with something” out the window

DUE DATE November 10

BABY’S SEX Unknown – gender ultrasound 6/24

PICKED THE NAME? Yes we have a boy and girl name picked out.  Keeping them relatively quiet til we know what we’re having.

WEIGHT GAINED SO FAR lost about 6lbs.  I think I may finally be starting to gain



HEARD HEARTBEAT? Yep! I’ve gotten to listen to the heartbeat about 3 times now.  Best. Sound. Evah.


KEEPING BABY? Yes indeedy


NATURAL OR MEDICATED BIRTH? Probably an epidural if there’s time.

WHO WILL BE THERE FOR BIRTH? Only planning to have hubby in the delivery room.  Other family might be hanging out in the waiting area


NEED C-SECTION? Hope not, but always a possibility since I have gestational diabetes

WILL YOU CRY? Probably

FIRST THING YOU’LL SAY TO LO? It’s nice to finally meet you!


FEELING EXCITED OR SCARED? Both, but more excited than scared.

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  1. Marylin June 12, 2010 Reply

    Oooh I loved doing this sort of survey when I was pg with my first!

    There’s only one thing I’d mention that I’d do differently and that’s the epidural.
    It can really mess with your back and is harder to get ‘in’ on us bigger girls.
    I managed both mine with Gas n Air and a shot of pethadine, which is the norm over here in the UK.
    Try not to have your birth *too* medicalised cause it can lead to trouble.
    That’s my 2 pennies worth, and feel free to ignore it completely, it’s YOUR birth and decision! Just remember that! x
    Marylin recently posted..People keep telling me…

  2. Darcy June 12, 2010 Reply

    I’m not entirely sure but it seems the choices around here are natural, epidural, or narcotics.

    I don’t want to be completely doped up, but I might need some help managing the pain.

    I’m not going to count on the epi even if it makes it into my final birth plan since I know the timing of when it needs to be given and the availability of an anesthesiologist may not coincide.

    I didn’t know it was harder to give an epi to bigger girls – good to know. I will certainly want to talk that option over further with my OB. :)DarcyZalewski

  3. beth June 13, 2010 Reply


    I found this blog through sideshow and syrana. I am not into gaming, but kept coming across it in my search for info re the name syrana. I’m writing you on this blog, because it seemed more appropriate as we are looking for a name for our baby girl due next month.

    so, where did you find syrana and do you connect a meaning or origin with it?

    thanks for your time, and as this is my fifth, feel free to respond in kind with any questions you might think of for a young, yet experienced mom. :) ( I think that I’m young…but 31 may not seem so young…. ) ;)


  4. Darcy June 13, 2010 Reply

    @Beth – Hello and welcome!

    Well, I actually had some help picking the name Syrana for one of my game characters. Turns out, it is a fairly popular elven name in World of Warcraft. I’m not sure about any other meaning or where it came from.

    I do think it is a pretty name. Although, I wouldn’t name my own daughter Syrana purely because it has been my online persona/identity for well over a year.

    Oh I’m sure I can think of lots of questions for you such as how did you handle transitioning back to work (if you aren’t a stay at home mom), how’d you choose childcare, and what tips do you have for balancing me, we, and us time? (And yes, you are young! I’m 29 so I’m definitely not going to say you are old!) :)


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